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SPV Films attends 37° South Film Market in Melbourne

July 28th 2016


SPV Films is proud to announce it will be attending the 37° Degrees South Film Market in Melbourne, during the Melbourne International Film Festival, to present its slate of projects including the NZ Film Commission developed action-horror NUMBER 8 WIRE.

Rajneel Singh directs on FIND ME A MĀORI BRIDE

April 25th 2016

SPV Films director begins principal photography on the second season of the hit Māori Television comedy series FIND ME A MĀORI BRIDE. Rajneel, who had previously edited the entire first season of the show,  will be helming two episodes out of this seven part season as well as supervising post-production and contributing to editing duties on the new series. 

Season two of FIND ME A MĀORI BRIDE is produced by Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions and premieres early in 2017 on Māori Television.

SPV helps HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE capture Indian demographic

March 9th 2016


SPV Films works together with renown publicist Anna Dean and Piki Films to write and co-produce a comedic

teaser, hosted by Taika Waititi, to capture New Zealand Indian audiences for his new film THE HUNT FOR THE

WILDERPEOPLE. The teaser turns the tables on the director; whose seemingly shameless attempt to appeal to Indian sensibilities is called out by a disgruntled voice-over artist - hired to dub Taika's voice into Hindi - who in turn is too lazy to do his own job right.

The teaser was written and producd by Rajneel Singh and Ajay Vasisht, with the latter playing the unreliable dubbing artist. It played in theaters across New Zealand in front of screenings of the latest Bollywood releases. 

FUSER "600 Cops" Music Video Released

November 23rd 2015


SPV Films releases the music video for "600 Cops" by New Zealand rock band Fuser. The song was

recorded at Neil Finn's studios where the band flew in international Grammy-nominated producer

Steve James to supervise the sessions.


The video was produced by Craig Parkes, directed by Rajneel Singh, art-directed by Annamarie Connors,

shot by Tom Neunzerling and filmed in sites across Auckland, New Zealand. 

NUMBER 8 WIRE in development with the NZFC

October 29th 2015


SPV Films receives script development funding from the New Zealand Film Commission to produce

a market-ready draft of the NUMBER 8 WIRE script; to be penned by UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, THE

TATTOOIST and THE MARKET screenwriter Matthew Grainger. 

SPV Website Launches

September 1st 2015


Official SPV Films website launches in coordination with the company Facebook page,

YouTube channel and Twitter account.

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