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SPV Films is a boutique IP development company of Rajneel Singh, Craig Parkes and Ajay “AJ” Vasisht. Its purpose is to acquire and develop exciting properties for film, television, web and interactive platforms with strong international audience and commercial market focus, while leveraging the world-renown skills of New Zealand's film and creative practitioners as a key point of difference.






Craig is a creative feature-film producer with over ten years of experience in the industry including the fields of development and post-production. Having completed his first feature film GHOST BRIDE with New Zealand cult horror director David Blyth, Craig is developing SPV's slate to build on the successes of that project as well as to bring together other up-and-coming New Zealand properties and talent. 



Ajay (AJ) has acquired over twenty five years of experience working as an actor and, later, as a line producer for local production and major Bollywood features shooting within New Zealand. His credits include the New Zealand feature films APRON STRINGS and VINDALOO EMPIRE, Miramax's HEAVEN, the major Indian television series KARISHMA, the epic fantasy series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, a recurring role in New Zealand's long-running soap SHORTLAND STREET and the Bollywood feature DE TALLI.



Raj is an award-winning director who entered the filmmaking world with his pre-YouTube-era internet viral video sensation THE FANIMATRIX. Since then he has worked as a director for short films, music videos and TV commercials as well as an editor for television drama and documentary. His most recent short film - BLANK SPACES - was executive-produced by THE MATRIX and LORD OF THE RINGS producer Barrie Osborne and he has representation with Mumbai’s famous TVC production house Genesis Films. 

"GHOST BRIDE is a very savvy supernatural fable about honour and tradition...(Director David Blyth) has some really beautiful shots in this, some really gorgeous moments...They climb into your head and linger." 

– Radio New Zealand

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